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“For a Saviour” — A Poem by Chikamso Okoye

The worms in our bellies starved to death
Our backbones feed on the grain smell they carry
Whip scars running through like cobwebs
That the vertebral columns are nowhere seen.

The chains in our legs got fatter and healthier
As our flesh became their four square meals
Our handcuffs became wicked masters
That never let our grieved hands comfort each other.

We cheat nature again, again and again
twenty-four-seven we merry in hard labour
We kill each other for pieces of mucor’d bread
Our urine and blood is the liquor we sip.

Our teenage girls became their pleasing sex objects
Our pregnant wives, their maids and nursing mothers
Our new born babies, their sacrificial lambs
When we retaliate, we get strangled.

The hair on our bodies cry for shave
Our protruded red eyes plead for blindness
But rest comes just when spinal cords break
No more labour, they kill us and serve us to us as meal.

We bow down to worship devils as our gods
Asking for forgiveness of sins we did not commit
Praising and exalting their honour
Hoping for a saviour for tribulation end.

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