“Self-love” — A Poem by Davine

There are times I worry
about the things people say about me,
the person society wants me to be,
the way I carry myself around in this life,
all just to find favour in the eyes of all.

Deep down, I know it’s futile,
Yet every word is a tile,
to the burden of the heart.

I wasn’t myself,
I had this body, this soul but I was living for the people not for myself,
pleasing them was my priority,
getting what I wanted was the very opposite of peace.

I thought I could find solace,
Yet I found anything but peace.
It sears my heart,
Roasting it into ashes.

And now I’m suffocating,
I need to take some time to be with myself,
have mercy on myself and treat me right.
Now I need to breathe

I need to sob,
I need to hear those words,
“It’s okay, you are amazing.”
“You mean a lot to me.”

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