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“Near-death Experience” — A Flash Fiction by Chimdindu Vivian Esimoleze

She would occasionally inflict pain on herself so she could lick the blood from the wound. It was so disturbing to see. I once caught her with a knife trying to cut the smaller finger on her right hand. Thank goodness I was there on time to stop her.

Going down memory lane, I could recall all these started when she survived the near-death experience. She was about to be declared dead by the doctor when she woke up immediately. Something was odd about her. She looked so energetic that moment. Like she hadn’t encountered something fatal.

She had been a friend since I was little. She was a friend turned sister. I was so happy when she did not die that crazy night she was heavily hit by a huge truck. But seeing her now, it felt like another being was inside her. She had been acting really strange since then. The night I slept over at her place, it was terrible. I would occasionally catch her with a razor blade trying to cut open my skin. I could not wait till dawn to leave. I left at the early hours of the morning.

I made up my mind to see her parents. To talk to them about their daughter. It was obvious that they had not noticed anything strange about her. I walked to their place with fear. I reached there and opened the door. I did not normally knock. I was greeted by a strange elusive smell. Like that of a blood. I rushed up to her room and she was not there. I searched the bathroom but she was not there, too.

I rushed quickly to her parents’ room. The odour increased. There were blood stains everywhere. I saw the figures on the floor—her parents lying lifelessly on the there. I almost choked. There she was, sitting on their bed with a cup filled with blood. She noticed my presence.

“Would you like some?” she asked.

I didn’t stop running till I reached my apartment.

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