“Nigeria” — A Poem by Bianca Kate Orieku

Everywhere, cries and crisis
Heads bow in submission
Poverty rears its ugly head
Covid has left its mark.

The fatal blow has left her struggling
For breath which isn’t forthcoming
Her people cry in agony
Watching helplessly as it shook her.

The people protest
But it sounds like a whisper
A gentle breeze brushing against its face.
Not serving its purpose.

They are being used as a toy
In the hands of the elites
Who pretend to care for the layman
But are just wolf in sheep’s clothing.

When will Nigeria come of age?
When will democracy thrive?
When will rulers rule and make decisions
For the benefit of the people?

The black man looks up in hope
Believing that one day it will all make sense
And all will be well
Even though the signs say otherwise.

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