“It is Easy” — A Poem by Chima Daniel

“It is Easy” — A Poem by Chima Daniel

Blame me,
defame me,
inflame me!
It is easy to nail me,
… nail me to my cross
and your cross
and their crosses…
for the deeds of our cravings
…deeds we hide and pride on
when none is on our side or said “ride on”.

Like fishes and hooks,
the one caught is wrong,
the one off the hooks
is called smart and strong.

It is easy
to pass verdict
on an addict,
call him crazy
for his habit
when his mind is hazy,
dusty, foggy and misty.
But his mind may find
the path to unbind
the cords of addiction
around his mind.

Then let it be easy
to undo the damage
done to an image
drawn on a new page
off the rocky stage
and the cocky rage
sailing evermore to recovery.

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