“Technology and Its Special Demand” — An Article by Mb Banks

“Technology and Its Special Demand” — An Article by Mb Banks

Technology is one of the important tools we all have that could make use in developing ourselves, our career, our society and our world at large.

Most of the developed countries in the world have been comfortable not only for their vast economy but also their technological advancement over other countries.

And as a result of this, developing countries too have been thinking about technology advancement and are actually working towards their development through this indispensable tool.

These numerous developing countries include Nigeria, the self-acclaimed African giant we do inhabitat as well. And with this, I can say a lot would be improved on, no doubt, if they are able to maximize the use of technology to the best of their power like other developed countries had and are.

But on the other side of the coin, I would not like us all to forget that all good things come with at least a sacrifice and technology did come with its own special demand too.

So the question is have we ever thought about what the sacrifice(s) are or would be?

Here I have one utmost point about the ultimate price tag, or should I say reverse reaction technology advancement could bring upon us?—sporadic job loss in the world at some particular time in the nearest future.

A lot of people would be laid off from work, not because they are not capable of the work again or the employer could afford their respective services anymore, it is all on the issue of the world evolving, and as we all know, change is inevitable and sometimes, it is hard to conform with.

Jobs like personal security, taxi driving, construction works, farming and others too numerous to mention would be replaced by the service of a machine, a programmed one—a robot to be precise.

Check what we have been seeing around countries with an edge in the subject matter, e.g. the King of Bahrain in Dubai has a robot as a bodyguard, laying off quite a number of workers of the King given that the robot can work tirelessly around the clock and even be more efficacious than the human services for the input power it has for being a machine.

Tell you what, only jobs that require creativity will not be displaced by technology (AI) to be precise.

Ranging from writing, photography, music and other jobs amongst all, these kinds of professions would be resistant to the threat of being displaced by a programmed machine whose performance is even limited to the input it is given.

So now choose your profession wisely!

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