“Pleaded Love” — A Poem by Zenny Lawls

“Pleaded Love” — A Poem by Zenny Lawls

So helpless you make me feel
My emotions are not willing to flee
Deceit cannot be escaped
But not all love is fake
Love to you might be a game
But I want to prove to you how it is raced
My love is pure like an ocean surrounded by flowers
It is not capable of making you wonder.

A trial will prove my sincerity
Only if you’d let me
A soul that is desperate for survival is blind to realities
Amidst all the attitudes, I’m ready to face hardships
I’m not scared to go after what I want
Emotions are better said than done
Mere words can be deceiving
Take a closer look and sew what is lurking.

The key to your heart is my greatest weapon
I would never think of losing it
Beings like you are rare
And I will shield you for all my years
Moments with you can never erase
Because your love has a grown long tail
Your smiles brighten my day
And I would never want it to be played.

True love exercises patience
True love stands the test of time
Hit me with all your bad
And watch how firm I’ll stand.

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