“Enough” β€” A Poem by Prince Will πŸ‘οΈ

“Enough” β€” A Poem by Prince Will πŸ‘οΈ

Sirens wailing…
Men running…
Young girl down…
Rape… violence…

Tale of all times.
Pain and outcries.

Trespassing in private zones,
Deaf to her tearful moans;
Twenty-two years was her age,
A sorrowful damage.

Bleeding body on the floor,
After they broke her door.
Taking turns in all her pains,
Heartbreaks, bloodstains.

Men of brawn, men of fist,
She could not resist.
Men of fist, men of brawn,
Playing with their pawn.

She could have had her life;
May have become a wife;
She could have smiled some more,
Thanks to you, she is no more.

Shattered dreams, chapters closed,
Culprits unexposed;
Spreading fear and anxiety,
A doomed society.

There’s no defence and no excuse,
For sexual abuse.
You treat them with no regard,
Like trash to discard.

Where’s your heart, where’s your soul?
Is this your life’s goal?
No remorse and no regret,
You give and you shall get.

Take a walk wearing their shoe,
What if it were you?
Stop the wrong use of might!
They too have a right!

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