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“One Last Time” — A Flash Fiction by Allyna Kemmy

Is it easy to heal? Does it really ever heal and end?

“I don’t believe it ends, I just trust that we learn to live with it. We grow strong, strong enough to endure the pain.”

Then why say time heals all wounds?

“It’s like applying balm on a wound. It gives you hope, it gives you a reason to believe. A need to take one more step and so you do.”

I thought it would get better, I believed the scars would heal and I would forget but why can’t I seem to do it? Why does it still hurt so bad?

“Because you never truly healed. You didn’t get to the point where you left it behind. It lives within you, that’s why it still hurts.”

Can I let go?

“Only if you want to.”

Then how do I do it?

“Close your eyes. Look at the person you are when you are hurting and then think of the person you wish you could be. Take the first step towards that person.”

But isn’t it hard? Isn’t that step the most difficult?

“It is, but isn’t that life? What fulfilment does easy ever give? How would you see tomorrow if you have no wish to see it?”

So you say the first step…

“Is to believe. To trust that you can walk beyond the pain. To believe that you need another chance to love yourself and be better.”

One last question: does the cycle ever end?

“Not really. Some things happen and we remember, but it wouldn’t hurt as bad as the first time. It wouldn’t pierce as deep as it does now. Remember, you get stronger, not weaker.”

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