“Reversed World” — A Poem by Emmanuel Ogbebute

In strength and weakness we twirl
In the river bed of uneasiness we swirl
Relished rigorously in reversable motions
Contrary to the cosmic series or settings.

Dawn rises to signal mortal souls
Dawn rises to the lucidity of thy lustful goals
Earthly birds, an augury for a new reign
The shining sun, a sage for a savage day.

Dusk falls like snow o’er the northern lights
Beings sinuously move about like termites
Peacefully parting ways, gently, gently
Into the bottomless bosom of relief and rest.

Life is a bud planted upon the shores of time
The wind of time blows buds upon the rim of prime
The wind of time, stroke buds upon the vicinity of death.
Then birth bestows its lustrous light unto the world.

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