Prose Poetry

“Dear Storm” — Prose Poetry by Elomiran

I was a leaf gently swaying amongst hundred others, in a branch amidst thousand others, on a tree amongst million others and in a forest. It is just one forest. The wind was lovely. But you see, I was lonely. I hated to be common or indistinguishable among others, so I called the storm. I was a naïve leaf who got entangled with the storm. You are a storm, I thought I would finally find freedom in your embrace; to feel the sky, to look down at the forest, to taste the breeze on high skies.

I was a fool who submitted myself to the most mysterious yet familiar element in the forest—the wind. I forgot that wind can become a storm and that a gentle breeze that caresses can also throw punches. For a moment, I was free. I tasted the sky and enjoyed your embrace, I got swayed by your sweet words until everything changed.

Now, I am just another leaf amongst countless others on the forest floor. I was just another leaf in a storm and I have found my punishment on the forest floor—daily, I am trampled and I am dying. Curiosity killed the cat, I solved your mystery and ended up in misery.

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