“English Textbook” — A Poem by Sam Petros

I could still
See the road
Which led me away from you
Still laid out gently
The memories of my steps away from you still play in my brain
Memo rises to the climax each time
I fight not to remember

You were the best I ever had
You were the beginning of my success
You were the teacher who taught
Another language apart from my mother tongue
You pasted on my heart
The religion of languages
And still I never got away from it
I pray to the world each day
In the language
For you taught me that in a cultured way

But now after all done and said
I have come back to you my dear
For now I know
You are the origin of all I know
So I have come back to you my dear
To say “Hello, friend”
I miss you
My English Textbook

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