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“Two Faced” — A Poem by Zenny Lawls

Her smiles are obvious
But the pain is hidden
Her achievement is on focus
But her flaws are unstrung.

She was only a little child
When life dealt her with its cruelty
She was still young and immature
When she was hit with unbearable torture.

She bore each pain deep inside of her
So that no one could ever figure out
She wears a happy face
To hide her dirty scars.

Greatness was all over her face
But a deep hole bore beneath the chase
She could claim to be the happiest
But her life was being pierced.

She was being betrayed, backstabbed and lied to
All she had was being taken away and dismantled
Her innermost part wishes to cry out all she feels
But she goes out of her way so that she could live.

Bitterness is all she feels within
But she can be so gorgeous when she wishes to be free
Have you ever wondered how she does that?
It’s a question only she can answer.

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