“Dear Family” — A Poem by Egbebi Mariam

Dear world,
Are you still sleeping?
You told me not to wake you yesterday when I tried to.
Now your house is burning and you are still sleeping,
The security guards you left to secure us are preying on us.
But still you have nothing to do,
Looking like a helpless mother hen facing a predator.
Yet you are still in a deadly sleep.

Dear Africa,
Are you still sleeping too?
Your house is becoming a death valley,
Covered with the hot, scorching sun.
Your children are hungrily preying on themselves,
Like a pride of lions eating buffaloes from the same kingdom.
Dear Africa, aren’t you tired of burying your children?
When will you awaken from your deadly sleep?

Dear Nigeria,
I know you are the first born of your family,
But your family is full of beasts of prey.
A journalist was killed by a policeman in Abuja.
Christian Ugwuoke was murdered by a police officer.
Chibike Anams was shot dead by a police officer without a reason.
Dear Nigeria, your 16-year-old girl was recently shot,
By the security guard of your house for no reason.

Dear world, dear Africa, dear Nigeria!
You all are sleeping and can’t hear my cries.
Nowhere seems safe again!
My dear family, will you wake up from your sleep if I get killed tomorrow?
I know you will not weep when you see me sleep eternally.
And will not ask of me when I am missing
But all I want to know is when you will awaken,
From your deadly sleep and feel the pain as a mother.

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