“Only for the Thinkers” — A Poem by Proftee

We are by the sea
but all we can see
is the other side of
the sea.
Our minds are laced
with different thoughts,
of the government’s faults.
Here, it is suffering
concocted with burden.
Over there, it is blessing
amidst sheer jeering.
Over the sea,
helps are rendered,
But by the sea,
mouths are hindered.
They run into a cave to
hide from a wild beast,
But in the cave,
they become a feast,
Yes, a feast to the
inactivity of the pyloric sphincter,
and enzymes, and the burning
of the stomach lining.
an entity birthed by hunger.
Over the sea,
people are enduring happily,
But those by the sea,
are enduring painfully.

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