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“Defiance?” — A Poem by AnikeBeloved

She saw you expelling
smoke from the holes
on your face like a poked chimney.

She saw you grin
after draining
the last green bottle
as if you were a sink.

She hustles
while you bustle.
She shuttles between works
yet you scuttle her pride
till she gets worked up.

Five months into the marriage,
she faces being marred with rage;
rage which promises to make her age quickly.
You used your position as the husband
to get the word ‘us’ banned.

You became Adolf Hilter the second;
It’s either war or you hit her in seconds.
You plug a heater
in every peaceful discussion
to make it hot,
she once suffered a concussion.

Now, she’s formed a coup
with a cop.
Your aggressiveness, she measures
with a cup.
It will overflow and you will crashland
in a coop.

You call that defiance?
I call it her only chance at defence,
before her mental health scales the fence.

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