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“Reformation of Tsangaya Schools Across Yobe State and Its Implication in the Educational Sector” — An Article by Zanna Ali Haruna

It is worthwhile to see the legal action that has been taken place in response to reform Tsangaya Schools across Yobe state by the state governor, Hon. Mai Mala Buni, and the state commissioner of education, Dr. Muhammad Sani Idris, who stand firmly to modernize the system from the outdated way of their teaching to ensure that the sector is not left behind in Yobe state.

Some state governors, whose narrow look over the issue have made elicited comments based on their hindsight to completely shut down the system in their states which would be another genesis in my point of view.

Truth be told, it is their right to be recognized as citizens and receive equal welfare and support that has been giving to the western education, not to completely shut them down and try to eradicate the ancient practice of learning Islam through the system.

I believe it is the negligence and myopic thinking of their parents, who said that a child is sent to learn Islam while begging to satisfy his appetite. For them, it is the traditional system of learning that says ‘a child must live in hardscrabble before he gets the Islamic knowledge’, which is totally untrue.

To be frank, most of the Almajiris are being criticized because of the suspicious evils that have been linked to them in the past, present, and the foreshadow of what they might be if they are still neglected in the future.

The government is responsible for the fortification the system by providing necessary tools as part of its governmental projects to the victims.

Lastly, I applaud Mai Mala Buni for his huge effort as the first elected-democratic governor, who has shown interest to the welfare of the victims and seen how the sector would be reformed extremely. Thank you, your excellency.

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