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“Lebanon” — A Poem by Abba Ali Yarima Mustapha

an Asian republic at east end of Mediterranean
A beautiful scene, sweet and Comforting
Filled with different people, filled with love and lights
I am sure you’ve heard of Beirut
peaceful just like home of peace, Borno
The laughter of the little children on its streets makes days better
The scent coming from the sweat of different hardworking fathers
The smile on the faces of mothers as their children sing the anthem

Then 4th August, 2020
All has changed in the swift passage of time,
A ‘bomb’ that aborted the pregnancy of Beirut went off
within seconds, it destroyed homes and robbed off loved ones
Now we know that
human blood is cheaper than a barrel of oil,
playing chess games with the lives of other people’s family,
Our governments preach peace but endorse wars
How I wish humans would for once use their sense of reasoning.

Watch the spoken word version of this poem:

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