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“Destructive Loneliness” — A Poem by Nelson Dominic Ikpendu

I found him searching for the beauty in the bins
Looking for gold filled with maggots.
I saw him feasting in the company of flies
Oh, what a beautiful sight!

The way he smacked his head
Sent cold shivers down my spine
I fell for the sanity that was far from him
I fell for a man of my dreams.

I watched in amazement
the way he beat his drums
As children danced to the song
Coming from the lips of man without sanity.

His dance steps … worthy of the Oscars.
Though we were sane but insane to the world.
Love was the only sanity we had.
I fell in love with the only sane being In my world.

He came and completed my sanity
Yet the world called us insane.
Sometimes I asked what happened to everyone
Why did they all lose their sanity all at once?

His death kept me rushing down a slide
Reeling over the three children left without a father.
I am … starved of your love
Condemned to hell without you.

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