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“Your Unexpected Visitor” — A Horror Story by Abigail Chukwu

It’s 11:35. You have been working all night. It just dawned on you that you have have not had your bath yet. You get up and walk into the bathroom. You turn on the shower, the water glides down your body in smooth, quick successions.

You get out of the bathroom, you feel some soap between your thighs. You walk back in.

You begin to wash your thighs. You remember some mischievous thing your mom told you about when you were younger about ghosts under your leg.

So you look. Just for fun.

You see nothing, mom lied.

You walk into the room, to catch some sleep. Your phone beeps, you make a decision to not check it. You want to sleep tonight instead of staying on your phone.

You remember that you hadn’t brushed. You sigh and walk to the bathroom. You take your brush, it falls. You bend to get it, you think you see a leg. You laugh and get up. Your mind is playing tricks.

But you look again anyway. You see two legs now.

Now you’re scared.

You bend and you look again. This time you see a head, it’s upside down. The body seems to be changing positions.

You turn and now you see her, clearly. You scream.

“What is she doing here?”

You stagger into your bedroom and shut the door. You know that won’t keep whatever it was that has that face out there.

Your phone buzzes. You grab it. You see a text. It’s from your sister.

Two texts actually.

‘It’s mom, she had an accident, she’s in the hospital, she’s okay. I guess. Doctor says so.’

‘Peju, pick your call. Mom, she didn’t make it.’

The room, it gets cold.

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