“What If?” — A Poem by Oluwaleye Adedoyin

What if I show the world the real me,
will she accept me the way she had accepted me?

What if I let my flaws out,
Will I be loved like ever before?

What if I uncover my imperfections,
Will I be treated the same way?

What if I let out my hidden secrets,
Will you not call me names?

What if I tell you my past,
Will you never let me go as you’ve promised?

What if I become the exact opposite of what you’ve known me for,
Will you appreciate the changes?

What if I continue being me,
Will you love me for who I am?

What if I tell you everything was a lie,
Will you ever trust me again?

What if I pretend to be fine,
Will you see the pain hidden within?

What if I show you how I feel,
Will you be kind to return the stolen heart?

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