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“Today’s People and the Nigerian Government” — An Article by Zaynab Omitogun

The problem faced by the Nigeria government is the people. We quite know that the leaders are not performing well, so what are our efforts as individuals of Nigeria? We only complain, complain and complain, and never making any move to stop being misled.

The Nigerian government is being turned into a family affair. There are many Nigerians who meet all the criteria for voting, but have no desire to directly take part. They think that their votes would not matter, and this is not helping the development of Nigeria.

It is not news to everyone that our country has been notorious as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The governmental officials siphon the funds that belong to the public into foreign bank accounts, and the private citizens are known to help out in the process of money laundering on top of everything else. The politicians hide billions of naira under different names so that the people would be unaware of their money stealing-practises.

The people of Nigeria are their own major problem in so many ways. First of all, there is a very huge percent of Nigeria citizens who have given up on the political life of the country a long time ago. They do not participate in any electoral process, and are not interested in the candidates or the general political condition in the country.

There are lots of other problems with young people, aside from their lack of political awareness and activity. In general, Nigerian young people are very active and dynamic, and they participate in basically every field of life expect politics. So many people just accept politics as something that has been the same for many years and it is not possible for the system to be changed.

The question is: when will the elderly people let the youths take the country into their own hands? And when will the young people also wake up and realize their voices can be heard?

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