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“A Plea for Another Chance” — A Poem by Blessing Chinenye David

With my hands attached to yours,
And with my eyes direct to yours,
With my knees on the floor,
And with a live love flower on my hands.

With tears running down my cheeks,
Just like a mighty rushing water.
Those are the tears of a broken heart.
That knows no stopping.

In lowness of heart, my love.
I plead for another chance.

My heart bleeds with thoughts of you
poisoned from the curse that runs deep within my veins.
Do I halt and use the words that I can, to try with you?
Another chance, my love?

My mind is headed to a paradox of
life that doesn’t bring happiness but only a subtle feeling
of contentment. For in my memories you are with me in a
final, never ending dance.

In remembrance of your beautiful smile
the bewildering cries from within
awaken the soul that has been bound by chains created from
the sins of my past life, and are made weaker by the sins
of which are my own.

The rumors of my betrayal fade
into the shadows, but the calling from our hearts reach into
the light, violently, yet no sound have they shown.

My sins are ever before me.
Through it I sight your innocence.
I tried running away in shame,
to a different land with what could have and should
have been.

Oh! But never will it be easy for a man to run from his shadow.

I need to accede to my mistakes shamelessly.
My sins are ever before me.
For it will be a curse for me to lose you, love.

You are like my shadow, my love.
The memory of you and I
chased by an altered state of mind
where nothing has gone wrong, no death, no pain, just the
feeling of abrupt loneliness,
Which I caused myself, by myself.

My memories. My memories, immortal as they come, they open my
eyes, though they burn, like facing the sun. In this time
I know that having you back to myself Is like looking up direct to
The sun without a shade.

But that I must do,
It will not hurt me either,
But will only let go of the past and bring you back to me.

Yes,I need you back to myself my love,
Staying a day without you is like staying a year in an abyss of loneliness.
Therefore I plead for another chance.

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