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“Sitting Quietly in the Bus” — A Flash Fiction by Anayo Martin

As you sat quietly, an unknown man with a strange physique sat beside you. His beard and hair looked rough and untidy. He growled and continuously glared at you.

He stiffly adjusted his body close to yours before sniffing it. He sniffed and sniffed, like he was a dog. His eyes roamed all over your body like he was searching for something. His actions made you jittery. Your legs shook with fear and anxiety.

Perhaps he was a cannibal, like the ones portrayed in movies, the ones that could shape-shift. Or perhaps he wasn’t.

But how could you tell?

You wait. You wait to see what he was be up to with your heart pounding loudly. Your eyes moved with his eyes, trying to make out what could be going on in his crude and untamed mind.

You say to yourself, “If he tries anything funny, I will counteract by mercilessly smashing his head against this bus.”

But to your surprise, he smiled widely, and turned to the other side of the bus. He stared around the bus for a while, before turning back to face you.

“I have just been released from an asylum,” he said, childishly grinning at you like he wanted you to say something.

You wanted to let out a sigh, or perhaps a scream. You weren’t sure of what your emotions were. Or was it your head telling you what to do?

Being unsure, you sat there apprehensively, being quiet throughout.

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