“Nature” — A Poem by Oluwaleye Adedoyin

At the break of the silent morning,
Immaculate nature with loud mourning
Beautiful voices unparalleled to honey.

Tall trees twirling from side to side,
With magnificent blues that refuse to hide;
And cute birds moving in a glide

Grasses praising the master of nature
With reciprocity together with heavenly creatures,
Far beyond the artistry of the best sculpture.

The breeze also joined in the praises.
Pensive wind enjoyed by all races,
With different hue visible on their faces.

Sounds of water making sweet conversations.
What a message! I can clearly listen to the information.
With mortal, a beautiful interrogation.

Beautiful nature of rare treasure
Far beyond the human measure.
I’ll join in the praises now, I don’t need a leisure.

Breathe in pleasure and take a moment,
Absolutely you don’t need an experiment
Just appreciate nature’s endowment!

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