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“My Last Fight” — A Poem by Blessing Chinenye David

The call of my country
I must answer.
The call of my country
I must obey.

My father’s land
I must serve and save.

I vowed to serve with all my strength.
To uphold her honour and glory,
And to defend her unity.

So my love,
If I happen to die in a battle field,
If I don’t make it home, please remember it wasn’t because I didn’t try.
The last thing I wanted was to make you cry.

I wanted more than anything to make it back to you,
But there was a job I just had to do.

As you were sleeping through the night,
We woke to the sound of gunfire, and I knew this would be my last fight.

It’s my job to keep you safe and free,
And to do that, I will give every ounce of me.

I am a soldier who will defend until the very end,
But that comes at a cost that I know I can’t mend.

Keep a picture of me beside the bed and kiss me goodnight.
Imagine my arms around you, holding you tight.

Don’t forget how my lips felt on yours.
Or my soft caress as our clothes fell to the floor.

Remember the warmth of my breathe as I whispered, “I love you,” in your ear.
Just because I’m gone, my love doesn’t disappear.

I know I broke my promise to be here to wipe away every tear.
You’ve cried a million of them every time you wished I were still here.

Please forgive me for leaving you so soon,
But my country called and needed me, too.
Never mind, my love.

We shall meet again .
To depart no more.

This is about a soldier who doesn’t make it home to his wife.
He died in the battle field.

I want to use this medium to appreciate all the soldiers
Kudos to you all!
Thank you for fighting for our country.

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