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“Men Too Feel” — A Poem by Classifiedé

She left me by the door, dulled
No contact for months, yet her sad eyes haunt my nights,
Her painful whisper, I’m tired, plays time and again in my mind
Why did I let her go?
Her being was far from perfect,
But she was my drug,
Her laughter contagious as tear droplets grace her eyes.
Happy ones,
Her insecurities got the best of her, while I remained sullen
As though I never cared
Too scared of not being enough
To break down the walls forming around her.
Too immersed in my pride to admit my wrong
Too much of a coward to reciprocate her undying love for me
Loneliness kicked in, an hour after she left
“She’ll come back,” I say as days turn to months,
And now years.
I watched from the sidelines as she built a new family
How beautiful her offsprings are
They have her eyes—ever hopeful
And smile that lightens up somber moods.
If only I had reached out
If only I had said the words she longed for—”I’m sorry”
Maybe she’d be mine
To have and to hold for days unending
But here I am, broken
Regret through me hard as our eyes lock,
Emotions dance their way in her eyes
And dissapear as quickly as they showed
My head bowed, briskly I walk away
From the woman of my dreams
From hope, and faith
From the man I was.
I’m now counting on the deadly substance I took,
For life is worthless
Without her.
I welcome my ending…

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