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“Letter to Santa” — A Poem by King

Dear Black Santa,

I heard from a little birdie that
You’d be coming down to this town,
Bearing gifts and letters,
Wrapped and packaged,
On the day we’d be wearing our red tattered flowing gown,
And singing carols,
Or at night when we’d be singing solemnly Silent night.

Here’s from me to you,
Dear Black Santa,
There’s no chimney where we stay,
For we make our fire outside,
With woods and leafs,
So I wonder how you’d get gifts to us.

Dear Black Santa,
Here we do not own Christmas trees,
Just mango trees,
And orange trees,
Would you still drop the gifts at their roots?
Or would you pass to the house next street,
With your flying deers,
To those who have more dears.

Dear Black Santa,
I have no one to send me gifts or letters,
So I’m making a wish to get one from you,
Bring me back my dad,
Maybe he’d again buy Christmas trees,
And make a chimney in the house.

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