“A Trip to Paradise” — A Poem by Sam Petros

I know I can easily kneel
By my bed side
With my hands clamped together
And my eyes shut to the ugliness of the world
To make a call to The Supreme

I will like to take a trip to Him
In the beauty of His holiness
To bow before Him
In worship and truth.

I’d like to have a conversation with Him
To inquire of Him
How His patience finishes not
And how His kindness still lives
Even unto the wicked
Even they’ve forgotten their right source
And unto the righteous
Even at their weak ends
When they forget to trim their wick ends.

I’d like to know
How the faithful
Could be molested and made to be fate’s fool
I’d like to know
How the unrighteous
Sometimes climb the right horse
Trampling on the fate’s fool.

I’d like to know
Why life isn’t equal
And the heaven is divided
Why so many creatures
Why not just humans.

I’d like to get answers
To the questions
Growing inside of me
I’d like to have a conversation
With The Supreme
Not via a call
But facing Him on my knees.

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