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“The Snowy Little Angels” — A Poem by Blessing Chinenye David

“Kudos to the little ones!
Kudos to the little ones!”

Just like an angel
so tender, harmless
and innocent

On this night I sit and stare
To my surprise such illumination I see.

A gloriously clear black sky
countless shining stars
showing themselves for hopes and dreams.

Such glitters this night knows not why
They reveal no resolve for my life or path
In my heart I know they’re placed for me
They whisper your strength is true,
giving recognition of pain gone through.

I continue to stare and hear their call
Both sky and star tell me to ask not why
Why black clouds and life have neglected me
Tenderly whispering this: “You are not defined.”

I see the changing sky as moments pass
Ever gently it moves and shifts back to me
Telling me worry not, little one, you’re never alone
Never have you been or will be

One day all will be answered and revealed
Until then hold strong be strong be you,
Continue on, little one, through pain or tears.

Dedicated to all the children in the motherless baby homes.
All the kids in the orphanage homes.
All the orphans.

Be strong and know that you are not alone.

You are just like the countless beautiful stars on the sky.
Just like the lily of the valley .
I refer to you all as the “The Snowy Little Angels.”
I love you!

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