“Still Waters” — A Poem by Vitus Victory C.

Everyone desires
To feel its gentleness and peace
After the turbulence which causes creatures to tremble
After swimming endlessly in this river of trouble
After moving unwillingly from bank to bank
Like a gladiator, I fight to be still

Still waters
I pray to watch the mirror-like waters
I wish this waters wouldn’t sink in the clock of hope
I fight to move, I strive to prove
To get my head up
But every step I take is always thus:
One step away from surrender
One step away from coming home
Laying down old chains
That would sink me more.

Still waters
Whatever you get, you take
(The crumbs that fall from that table)
But never sticking around quite long enough to make it
Hurricane waters!
It’s coming
Each time I hear the sound

Alas! My end is coming
Only for it to fade and return again and again, and again, and again
To end my sorrows, I hope for still waters
But while I wait, I tremble!

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