“Love Isn’t Blind but Kind” — A Poem by Chioma Favour

Gone are the days when I saw love as romance,
A feeling of sensational pleasure involved in order to balance.
Hugs and kisses served as insurance
We all rumbled and mumbled in ignorance

But now, life has thrown stones at us
So we ran back to our love, but found them callous
Now, with a broken heart, we call love callous
“Who can take away the pain?” we sang in chorus

In a world where love is just give and take
We speak venom and call it a mistake
We treat ourselves as slaves, all moments treasured now fake
We are our own headache

But mum taught me that love is kind
Love is selfless, and hatred free
In love we live for one another, and unity abides
We speak peace with our hearts and minds

I dream of a world, where we care more for others
I pray for a world free from war and disorder
We need to work to create a world free from murder
So we can dwell in our world like brothers.

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