“Dark Fate” — A Poem by Alabi Tosin

Sometimes we try so hard to meet an end but the meeting never ends
Many at times we struggle to strangle failure makes success an ally, yet enmity between luck and ill still a threat
Sometimes we plunder the whole alchemist’s shop like a junky looking for a pill for intelligence, ignorance will soon be diagnosed
Many at times we wake up feeling hope in our bones only to retire to bed wishing we’d never been born
In our quest to become a man of full stature flowing with God’s essence, the abnormality and infidelity of man’s nature still speaks of an aberration.
We live, we die as if that’s all there is to life
We smile like a dilapidated clown, though injured must not show it, he’s only paid to laugh
We’ve all learnt to live a lie
My submission
Life is a betrayer
The eater never gets filled
The hungered never goes to bed empty
The rich also cry
The poor as well perpetually fake a smile
The young never grows
The adults’ years are full of woes
The single never gets married
The married envisages freedom from emotions breathing anomaly
The toddler wishes never to be born
The teenager wishes he was a walking dead
So many mis-normal
So many aberrant
So many anomalous
So many things contradicting and differing from norms

Vanity of life …
Life is vain but it’s all we have…
How possible?

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