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“Gone” — A Poem by Classifiede

I’m tired, defeat has reached out, and I gladly shake its hand in a welcome,
The heaviness in my chest,
Too much to bear,
The mind reeling, taking twists and turns unending.
Heaven knows how I wish for the pain to go away,
For it has overstayed its welcome,
Time and again, they say,
“Be strong, you’ve got this!”
But am I? Have I?
The silent cry my heart makes, each time I remember him,
Pulls me back to zero,
At times I think, “Alas, we overcame.”
Then déjà vu laughs in my face, for it knows best,
The struggle deep within,
How badly the heart is bruised, as it craves healing
The once stitched up pieces, dangerously threaten to fall apart,
But who’s going to pick them up?
It should be me, but the hands are damaged goods, trickling blood to the floor, drop by drop,
At times I feel crusified for love,
Tears, a thing of the past, history,
Bloodshot eyes, each passing day
All because he’s gone
I deem it unfair for one to have such a hold on the other,
Set me free, I ask
My being has exhausted its all,
Gaining nothing in return,
Time is ticking
As I watch, you, your sillouhette devour me, bit by bit
My eyelids give up the struggle,
It’s a little too late
Darkness takes over, nothing matters,
Not anymore
I’m a goner.

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