Prose Poetry

“Abeke” — Prose Poetry by Christiana Jayeoba

Abeke do you remember those long nights, where as children we were not permitted to speak whenever adults spoke?

Do you remember the feeling of my fingers fumbling with your barely matured breasts and the resounding slap that followed soon after?

Do you remember the games of daddy and mummy we always played and how well we both fit into our roles?

Do you remember Iya Agba’s atupa which was our best friend for it was our light on our many nights of dance and games?

Abeke mi, my love for you has not waned since then.

I get shivers from remembering the first moment you planted a kiss on my forehead.

Even though my brain has tried severally to forget you, my heart chooses stubbornly to cling to our memories.

See, Abeke, even if East turns to West and North becomes the South, your love in me is stronger than the weight of a thousand gold coins.

I’ll beat my chest a million times in affirmation of my love for you.

For you I can cross seven hills and ten rivers just to win your trust.

Love is not love if it’s not with the right person.

You’re the dot that completes my ‘i’; do not make me wait too long.

All I need from you, Abeke, is to say “I do,” and then I’ll be the luckiest man on planet Earth.

For only you make me happy the way you do.

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