“When a Woman Drums” — A Poem by Nwobi Chidubem Valentine

When she drums,
The spirits dance through the lyrics of the birds
The trees swirl to the moans of the wind
Her heart beat echoes with the breath of the earth
The grasses stand and watch in awe,
Palms adore nature for such a gift.

When she drums,
The jungle sips in tranquility
The trees lift their branches to the sky
Massive roots dance in and out of the dirt
The seawater is sculpted into crested shapes
Oceans swell and dance to her tunes.

When she drums,
She holds the universe in her palms
She beats back the darkness
And commands daylight to fall on the weary earth.

When she drums,
You can see the sun rise in her eyes
The wind tilt in her hair
You can taste the infinite salt on her lips.
And the breath of love from her nostrils.

She craves to drum
To rekindle the face of the earth
But customs, gender, irrationalism
Have kept her at bay.

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