“Successful Loser” — A Poem by Sam Petros

All that glitters around him is gold
He celebrates everyday with dishes on a golden plate
Drinks in a silver cup.

He has all that he desires
For he inherited all the materials
But he lacks that which he needs
For what he desires is not “needs” but “wants”

In his democratic gobshite paradise
He lives comfortably in a plugged electric chair
Dancing with cheer to the rythym
Of his death’s sonorous beats

Successfully he is a loser
Inheriting wealth
But having his brain
Fully loaded with the void.

His house is built on the sinking sand
While he spends his wealth
On “wants” which he already has but desires in excess
Efficiently buying himself a bleak future

With pride he parades himself as
“A bag of money,”
Forgetting that pride brings doom to a man’s door step
While stupidity anchors everlasting regrets.

He thought of himself as
An opportunist
But the future holds a name for him:
A successful loser

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