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“Blank” — A Poem by Allyna Kemmy

I stare at my daughter’s face
She’s only six
She should be smiling
She should be running around
Messing and playing till I yelled my lungs out.

Yet she sits here
Her eyes dark and gloomy
Fear and desperation painted on them
Desires beyond her ring.

She sits by the balcony
I know she’s staring across the street
Watching them play
So carefree and so whole
So at peace
Unlike her.

She once asked
Her voice low and lost:
“Mama why?
Why can’t I play like them?
Why can’t I dance in the streets like them?
Is it only ’cause I’m black?”

“Mama what’s wrong with my color?
Aren’t we the same?
Aren’t we just kids?”

Tears fell from my eyes
Tell me,
How do I say it?
How to tell my little child?
How do I tell her,
That today color seems to be a crime?

That today the place she called home no longer is?
That this is a cage,
A mental despair everyday,
A sorrow cutting deeper than a sword?

There’s longing
Yet there’s fear
A home is no longer a home,
A neighborhood of fear it is.

Why is it like this?
Why should I train my child like this?
I read the Bible for her
Tell her all are equal before God.

And yet in the day
I whisper to her
To stay further away
From the ones so bright
Yet so dark
From the ones who aren’t her color.

By her bedside I whisper,
“Don’t judge, treat everyone well.”
Yet by day I repeat,
“Don’t go near them,
Stay further away.”

Why is it like this?
Why is this sin painted on her?

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