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“A Cry for Peace” — A Poem by Oluwaleye Adedoyin

At the sight of the morning suns,
Where the clash of nature runs,
With war-love by tons.
Silenced with sounds of guns,
And clear noises of fighting ones.
Emerged with the sins of men’s tongues,
In the midst of the chaos, hatred comes;
Stronger, the battle becomes.

I should tie the war with love;
Maybe with a heart of a dove.
And huddle weapons from above,
The blood shall never splotch my glove,
It shall pare the bitter bark and burning cloves.
I should stop the army rove!
What a world of war we speak of?
A world with no smidgen of love.

Fighting against oppression,
Can I stop this depression?
I’ll never ask for the world’s permission,
Because this is my conclusion.
I need not the world’s interruption,
Nor anybody’s recommendation,
I await no day of distraction;
I won’t relinquish, for this is my determination!

To bring the world together.
With my pen, maybe her weapon, she will surrender;
A little I ask for, just to love one another.
They say the war is as light as a feather,
But keeps roaring like a stormy weather.
Let the world come hither!
My cry is for the father,
My pleas are for the mother.

Let’s make a world of peace,
Where love will never cease;
Let us mend the broken piece,
And cover ourselves with affection made with fleece,
The pain and agony our heart shall release
Let the peace and unity increase,
Let the war and fight decease,
Surely, the pain and agony shall decrease.

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