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“The Rona Doe Invasion” — A Flash Fiction Story by Mb Banks

Once upon a time, there was a serial killer named Rona Doe. An old man in a young body he was. He started his escapade since he was in his teens, he now has a new taste of flesh. He is invisible, making him travel far. He wields neither gun, nor any hidden weapon. His contact was enough to make his attacks deadly. He massacres a large number of people in a day.

On one of his hunts, he visited a rural location, knowing well that they lacked adequate basic amenities.


The news surfaced on a shady evening, announcing the arrival of Rona Doe. It was from a report of an attack with the death marks attributed to the violent killer.
The advice was for the residents to stay at home, because that was the best way to avoid this hovering danger atop their heads. But many of them did not heed the advice.

With the notion of seeing is believing, most of them preferred and decided to continue with their normal daily activities. They said, “After all, we are the one to lose by staying home with our work lying aside unattended to, just because of a rumoured unknown serial killer.” They forgot the mantra that says, “He who leaves a fight, lives to fight another day.”

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