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“Unmasking Boko Haram” — A Poem by Abba Ali Yarima Mustapha

Wearing the mask of terror,
walking on the corpses of their fellow beings,
like kings they rule and control through fear,
wearing the mask of religion to cover their faces.
God forbid the day when a man would end his parents’ days,
or the day when you betray the soil you once played on,
turning it into a battle field.
God forbid the day when you only drive joy from making the news headlines.

I would trace my fingers on your wretched face,
the face that made travellers say the final goodbye
The face that raped religion of its divinity and chastity.
Oh, let’s take off the mask and ask you this:
You were once with us, how did you afford your killing machines?
You were once like us, easily traceable when wanted, how did you afford to be invisible?
We once worshipped a God that teaches peace, where did you get that of violence?
Perhaps I had a long sleep that erased my memory,
Eleven years of bloodshed is enough for international politics,
Enough for blood sacrifice,
Enough for resource exploitation,
Enough for using humans and religion as scapegoats.

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