“I Love You” — A Poem by Sam Petros

I love you
A three-word sentence
Which could sentence a man or woman
To life engagement or life enslavement
It has a small ring as a cuff
Which could cause a cure to the bleeding heart
Or a cuff which could cause a cough and catarrh, making it beautifully deadly like the corona
And that could cause a catastrophe which could give a trophy so hard to accept, for it’s nothing but a burden

I love you
This is a word,
If well said could gladden the heart,
And if otherwise could make the heart foolishly wise
Making the heart malfunction
In all mannerisms.

The beautiful word
Designing the heart to act childish
The word which becomes a beautiful beast
When the speaker changes side
From a friend to an enemy

I love you
A word I love
And I’m scared of.

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