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“Soul Provider” — A Poem by Nelson Dominic Ikpendu

I see you wearing an empty smile
Trying so hard to cover your tears
I can sense your loneliness from a thousand miles
…the pain gathered from past years.

I can see the tears flowing,
I can see your heart full of blisters,
For no one knows you’re crying
Because they’re hidden in your laughter.

You feel dejected and rejected,
After giving all your love
At the end you got ejected
with many puzzles left unsolved.

We were so perfect and so ideal
Until you took a turn—a wrong curve
Now, you need someone to help you heal
To give you the love that you deserve.

You left me but I haven’t left you
I still hold on to the memories we shared
We had something true
Until you bailed and disappeared.

I still want to be the one to hold you when your cry;
Shield you from the lurking eyes of outsiders
Till you’re again glorified as a goddess from on high
Who has settled with a poor soul provider.

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