“Patience” — A Poem by Zenny Lawls

It costs nothing, but saves something
Give it a try, and end up feeling fly
Trying to wait for things is better than jumping at it
Avoiding risk is better than falling into a pit.

You think you’ve got all the strength in the world?
Just wait till you fall flat on your words
When you are being told to wait
And you feel you are too big to be a slave
Your case will fall back to those days
When thieves were being chased.

You feel things are taking too long
And you can’t wait to be the number one
And then you rush to get things done
Things that will naturally come
And then you feel you’ve done nothing wrong
And you feel happy being at the top
Even though you took the wrong turn
Let me just remind you, you’ll fall one by one.

You’ve got some plans in your head
And you are thinking of how to invest
Sooner or later, they become a pest
And then you ask your self, what to do to clean the mess?
The answer to your question is not far fetched
All you need do is be PATIENT

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