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“Tested Taste” — A Love Poem by Chima Daniel

Oh! How I long for another bite
after the first, second and third bite.
Oh! How I crave for the sweet drink
that made me forgot every other drink.

My tongue waiting endlessly,
salivating for a rare dinner.
My taste buds in abeyance
to a taste I could never resist.
My chemoreceptors in response
to the ligands of her love.

Bitter was made sweet,
sour and salty turned yummy
when she became my tested taste.
Sweet and yummy reigned supreme in her wake.

I was tasteless and useless
before she came around.
She became the taste
that made me tasty again.

we are sweeter than honey,
spicier than Japanese pepper
and tastier than any imaginable taste.
She is my only tested taste.

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