“Count the Stars” — A Poem by Vitus Victory C.

Here we are, trying to find out
We couldn’t decipher what it was, we kept trying
Words we’ve heard all of our lives on this soil from which we make a living
Lost in my thoughts, I wandered far away
We made wishes on the shooting stars, yeah, those ones
Knowing fully that what we see is gone
But lo! That was how we lost our way… while counting the stars

Count the stars
Autumn-couched stars they were, they really were
As the nights drew nigh with dilation
I watched as each star make way through to form constellations
That reminded us of what we had missed
Sadly, they reminded us of what we couldn’t meet
Not having the idea that clock was everything, it was ticking fast
Alas! That was how we lost our dreams while counting the stars

Count the stars
Momentarily, our minds were sound
As whispering trees and twinkle stars made us realize the matter which was on ground
They say imaginations help fulfill dreams, but I say, imaginations delay dreams
The stars’ glory gave us benign envy although they shouted:
Herein lies the kings and queens, hand in hand
Whose legends were back to one piece while counting the stars

Count the stars and get to say a wish
As they come shooting through with each moment of bliss
“Why not the sun or the rest in the Galaxy?” we said with full-blown jealousy
Maybe cos it holds a promise, like that of blessings
Too blind to see, we still had hope, hope too hopeless to compel
As silence became as loud as the cry in hell
Did we then realize that faith without work is dead—from the stars
Hmmm… fools we are, as we’ve lost the moon while counting the stars.

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