“Conspiracy Theories” — A Poem by Mb Banks

What if…

What if life is just all you ever wanted it to be?

What if it is the perfect picture you paint on your colourful mind’s canvas?

What if life presents to you at all times a blank sheet of paper?

A total white one with a quill—for penning everything you desire out of life;

• The fair and flawless friendship with no fights.

• The ever blissful wedlock full of merry and might.

• That white collar job—less work, more pay.

• The perfect gentleman in possession of the broadest shoulder to cry on.

• The Zuckerberg in Dwayne’s body with Ronaldo’s fashion craze.

• The most beautiful woman on Earth—cutest smile and finest heart.

Then will life be the best place to habour?

Would it be paradise on land?

Or it still won’t be balanced as you wished, because your wants are forever insatiable and

your destitutes that blindfold you would still be in place?

Or maybe this space you tagged imbalance would just be the perfect balance there ever could be?

—for all the struggles, inadequacies and rigours are just the commas of the novel of life and

also, what is there for the light to overcome after all, if there isn’t any darkness herein?

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