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“Lady in Red” — A Poem by Nelson Dominic Ikpendu

Straight from the heavens, she was sent to Earth
An angel of mortal birth.
A bright path, her heart led
Such is this lady in red.

As she walked down the street
Her fragrance dazzles, dancing to the beat;
Felt this overwhelming shiver down my spine
The lady in red surely isn’t mine.

Announcing her presence with a handful of smiles
That made me freeze for a while;
Oh, I wish our eyes would just lock
The lady in red, she surely rocks.

Loaded with joy, pleasant tidings at their sums
She waves to all and smiling to some
I have been spelled, axed and enchanted
Free me! Free me! Dear lady in red.

Pinched my thigh, bringing me to reality
Her world? So capped with simplicity
Expounding lives in her very own way
Such is this lady in red.

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