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“Don’t Call Me Back” — A Poem by Ayoade Jesumbo John

You said you got another man,
You said it’s not me again,
Àdùnní, please don’t do this to me,
I am insanely lost in your heart,
Don’t leave me here rolling in a pool of blood—
Like the Pharisees and the Scribes did in the Holy Book,
Remember the song we sang under the sweet smelling
Òróñbó tree,
Remember you disvirgined my lips,
Remember the promises and vows we made.
Though I know Àpèké and Àsàké your two intimate friends
Did not fall for my swagger,
But you told me that makes you love it better,
And it adds more ginger to the swagger,
But now, you changed the lyrics of the music,
You changed the fast rocking beat to a solemn dirge,
This kind warm that you get tonight, you no fit get am again,”
Àdùnní, why? Just let me know if you don’t want to do again,
I will not disturb you, and I will not be jealous of you,
But don’t call me back!
Don’t call me back when you see me with another girl,
Or you see that I am driving a Gucci fan,
Don’t call me back!
Because I don get another man no be you again,
The man wet geh car to carry me go beach,
The one wey geh bank account to wire me money.
I give you six months of grace,
That girl you saw last night will soon take your place,
I will let you know who be who,
But after the grace don’t call me back,
Even if you call me back I no fit connect,
Because me self I no go dey!

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