“A Teardrop” — A Poem by King

So they say, kings shouldn’t cry;
It’d make them look weak,
Incapable of leadership,
And we never can tell who’s by the corner trying to pry,
So I hold it up even when it’s to drop,
I just try!

I act like I’m superhuman,
We don’t cry because we should console the crying woman,
Things you do to be called a man,
A tear drop and you’d be seen as a weak man.

Heart as heavy as lead,
Face as strong as stone;
Being just so cold,
Eyes dry like the desert,
Judgments mean and cruel,
Attributes of a real king.

But here’s to my doom,
For I have failed my people;
My ancestors!
I am a king who’s emotional,
T’is is the reason for the sudden gloom,
As the drums of impeachment boom,
The clouds over the mountains loom,

By now, naked women would be leaving the market square;
I should be leaving this seat of power,
A square peg doesn’t fit in a circle hole,
I should drop this crown, drop this royal scepter,
And flee to be amongst the gods,
The wise gods who give crying babies,
For I am no mere man, not a king either,
I am a god.

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